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the international community do they do enough or do you think they should also so far have been so clear in terms of for the foods but do we need more for the concessions and mcginest long for the buildings for their investment for for steps on the other we need to to see much much wild up then food just food from to the people and to think my watch much while does and then we spend that the mate we were going through the conference the conference would be able to mobilize money much much much more money. we've had cycling can have has destroyed lives roots on the whole i missed me to thirty five thousand of them we hear now from some of the people worst affected as they tried to rescue their livelihoods see little known the only one with my name is antonio manuel and i come from. the rain started after one o'clock in the morning. just after five o'clock my house collapsed yet. antonio is among solutions to be left homeless by the fiercest storm
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to ever hit africa. giru and his family fled in the chaos of kind of the beast have a home to return to albeit flooded out. if the wind was very strong and the trees started falling down that was before it started raining. and then the heavens opened and pots and pans were future. i saw that there was just too much water inside here i said to my wife you have to stand up and take the baby outside. after survival comes the salvage operation in the rain she is trying to save whatever she can from her listeners but the things just started falling and half of me then i started to run leaving the door open i went outside and houses started falling one by one. fridges freezers everything was falling well built houses too
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we ran out so things would fall on us especially on the children to rebuild this no we will have to demolish it and start again with a new house. you know. for many years in countries across the continents there's been a perception that classical music was the preserve of white people and the wealthy none more so than in south africa where decades of apartheid and french those views while a music school in johannesburg is aiming to send classically trained musicians from the township of soweto to the symphony orchestras of cape town london and new york . picked up a violin for the first time three years ago and since then music has become his passion his sixteen year old son african lives in switzer with his great grandmother because his mother a drug addict is written around it tells books for kay that but the situation that
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i'm. special young may get. it. but. it's just a small. five times a week he goes to pass kate a music school in the heart of silhouette oh it was opened by rosemarie nel done in one nine hundred ninety seven after the end of a date for the seventy five year old english violinist music is not just about getting neighborhood kids off the street sometimes it's about finding a special talent like golani. got a violin optimistic second under his chin and i could see almost immediately that it just fish it worked he's physically very talented and his musical god. doing our part to play in classical music was a skill mostly reserved for white south africans but for more than twenty years
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rosemary has worked to address this injustice and she does so with painstakingly high standards. but the hard work pays off. the first lady the first rather few months or years with families could see she's very strict in the confines of the trust as time goes on to get you see why she was just the way she just comes from baseball and easy easy getting you know. two hours of work and determination nineteen year olds when dealing became first violin is an extreme to join a prestigious international orchestra away from sweater. that's it for now from the governor's africa you can catch all our stories on our web sites on facebook page when you know what the music stopped the bus trade orchestra and so waves of joy if i put out. in.
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no cause for celebration world press freedom day may third on d. w. . here's what's coming up on the going to sleep so much movement that the police may get this. mental. health it's going to take a look at what all that means for the type of clothes. going to sleep every weekend here on t w.
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and i would put him on account of growers freud gondar one of those three thinkers who have vastly expanded our human knowledge and oh i don't want. to quote mitch and his friend even becomes he was the first economist to describe the basic laws mechanisms that drive our economic order and much of that is still relevant today and it's not. to do so marxism has long played the most important role in chinese society and will continue to do so in the future profits she. monster was a live. shot of the. mocks only thing about the history.
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those seeming alternative. people just look at stalled and. feel to it it doesn't. wash but that stuff mocks me what i find most compelling about mark says his belief that social liberate. for the individual can only happen if that hope for liberation is available to everyone. comet's was a philosopher journalist and economist two hundred years after his birth his ideas are still relevant. today the sweeping changes happening in the wake of globalization sparking fresh debates about capitalism and social inequality. marx himself insisted that the job of philosophers was not just to interpret the world but to change it. over the years many have sought to put his ideas into practice in widely differing ways and with widely varying results.
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in many parts of the world people have invoked col marx proclaimed revolutions in his name ten society on its head. most of those experiments on the history but capitalism which marx displaced has proven more resilient than he would ever have imagined each but it's just the traditional marxist idea that you enact a revolution and put others in charge and your problem is solved that's proven itself a failure and it's no surprise when you have class struggle and suddenly everything is turned around and the previous winners are now losers they won't just suddenly
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roll over and give up. to press for change to happen we need social solidarity for everyone. the industrial revolution was the central preoccupation of the nineteenth century. its groundbreaking inventions would radically transform people's lives but also
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bring catastrophic working conditions to the new factories. the misery and deprivation sparked numerous uprisings across europe. was born into a tranquil town in what is now west in germany. says in three zero karl marx's a native a traitor which is of particular interest to the chinese because they adore marx and it's why our city has a very intensive relationship with china and sure enough. she is now mom still chinese offered us a sculpture as a gift for karl marx's two hundredth birthday box and we looked into the idea and located a place to put it back and said smith is a b. . plus. i'm going to close then we have got over the size and arrived at a total height of five meters fifty runs on the edge of the chinese were happy with
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that because five five this marks his birthday on the essence of it i'm sure we hadn't even noticed that symbolism but it helped us arrive at a compromise on size still building the base and sculptures being made in china balanced in she never gets to work with her bring the sculpture here in the spring and then inaugurated on may fifth two unfinished might come to. spent his childhood entire as a duo his father a lawyer was not permitted to practice his profession in pressure the family converted to protestantism. at nineteen began studying law and bonn a year later he moved to berlin. the limits also where marks first became interested in philosophy which eventually became his focus. marks a systematic study of higgens doctrine of dialectics would become the cornerstone
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of his future ideas and work. as marx would later argue industrialization gave rise to a new economic system capitalism and a new class of people the proletariat this new proletariat he believed would inevitably cost of the yoke of capitalist oppression and give rise to a new social order. but this revolution was a long time coming it did not take place until long after marxist death and it happened where marx least expected it in backward russia with vladimir lenin the communist revolutionary at its head. leaning by as i had seen in all hands had for decades associated with a group of left wing politicians the second enter. national they all believed that if they educated workers about their true situation workers would all refused to go to war against one another instead of the international problem would join forces
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and unite and spark a world revolution. that's just that didn't happen which was a crushing blow for many thought alist lenin included that's a got out early in. the first world war was the first toppled war which demanded not only mobilization of an army but mobilization of the civilian population to meet the needs of the war effort and this was something the czarist system simply could not comprehend. increasingly food was short the only party in those calling clearly for an end to the war is the bolshevik party using this rising tide of antiwar feeling lenin begins to argue with the bolshevik party must seize power in the name of the
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soviets. bugs is often said to be deterministic in the sense that he thought that socialism would come about fairly inevitably from the contradictions of capitalism lenin was much more of a volunteer a study he believed in will power a lenin didn't think that capitalism alone would create revolution so lenin developed this very particular conception of the party in which professional revolutionaries would lead to the masses. without lenin there wouldn't have been a bolshevik revolution. yet as it's all happening the revolution was a hugely charismatic event for some a vision and inspiration for others a nightmare that's all.
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lenny's hope was that the russian example would be taken up by the german workers and that the two countries in alliance could make a revolution and overcome russia's problem which was its intense poverty and its intense social and economic backwardness. germany was absolutely central in the perspective of the bolsheviks for the first few years. was an optional rosa luxemburg and karl liebknecht founded the spartacus league in response to russian events they hope germans had gone so tired of war and its cost so dissatisfied that a revolution might be possible to feed her despite an attic i thought his young. they tried three times and they failed and i think they failed not because of poor tactics but because they were up against a much much stronger opposition. as
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a student in berlin became known among his fellow students for his keen intellect he was considered a leftist which drew the attention of the press in secret police. months completed a doctorate but his left wing ideas made it impossible to secure an academic post. in only eight hundred forty two he began working for a daily newspaper in cologne the harnish outside which was critical of the press and government in berlin. mugs use the newspaper to describe the desperate conditions of the working class the census bands many of his articles thus in his short tenure as the paper's editor marx helped change the face of political journalism.
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what it will turn out as are also had a powerful impact on marx you were the newspaper editor he was forced to address the struggles faced by local farmers at the dawn of capitalism so that before that he was an intelligent clever radical thinker but very abstract and idealistic. i'm go from marx so i began reading mark shortly after finishing my confirmation classes but quickly god had an answer and so i think on that for someone else who could explain the world to move in for the knocks the quotes how i came to the early marks in house races where the error of german idealism as well as i'm can see you want to explain the world and how create a new society based on a principle was always driven by an immensely important desire for freedom. marks marks the prophet flagstick icons who are as revered as someone who promised salvation to humankind he never actually existed. that image is the result of bad
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propaganda as we've heard from. go on. that propaganda would later also be used to glorify the outcomes of communist revolution. these propaganda posters say nothing of the millions who were killed in the subject union under stalin and in china under mao zedong. this idea put his sixteen months now see where the emphasis is very very much on the will of the communists. today there are many people who say china has hit with a system some stitches now a capitalist economy in a capsule this world with a regime that is communist in name only i'm not sure that we've seen in this story and maybe in twenty fifty there will be
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a chinese states that still calls itself socialist. that you suppose you see that since two thousand and eight the crisis of capitalism has steadily grown more acute but what does this crisis mean today we find ourselves confronted with the very same questions that karl marx once face. seashell you know mugs. it's often said that the chinese revolution was a peasant revolution that is basically true mao sort ways of engaging presence through for example using traditions of opera. if.
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the problem about socialism in backward countries was that although it aspired to give people decent conditions of life it effectively meant squeezing the population for the resources that were needed to build a strong and austria and military state. not just marx every chinese person knows him. here you know marxism leninism is the basis of our political system.
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your songs you know we had big posters of marx at school that's how i came to know marxism right now my focus is on my own quality of life that's enough for me to go and make sure you. give us your bottom to be honest i believe marxism is slowly being forgotten right now all. you got. to go these are the so-called. the chinese government is investing a great deal of money to popularize marxist ideas in the form of books modern media and even its own t.v. show. and when young children come into the team we hold. many young people wrote to us after the show they said it had given them an entirely different picture of karl marx marx was no longer just a poster hanging on the wall they could now relate to him in their real actual lives. marx is still influential and even very influential he's still relevant
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today and his ideas are still useful at the nineteenth national congress of the communist party it was decided that china will be a modern socialist country by the middle of this century. and says you will meet with europe because. she sees you. be.
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my central theme is the great seeker to use is that the core of marxist thought his philosophical views and his life because it's just all great individuals have two important characteristics. first they have made a meaningful contribution to human society okies a new ship with. the end second their spirit is marked by firm conviction that a strong will and great determination because. these characteristics merit suppressions in this work but. the statue of marx has a high forehead and deep set. but it's also decisive in the way that it strives to the future he is always looking forward to the future. the family is not honest about. ok ok ok there's
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a young he's already seen it you know shot on so the height and the ground plan i hope it's exactly the way he imagined it the especially you are my life. as far as i. am. coming and he's very pleased to have inspired our young ok we have two versions up one pedestal has rounded corners and it's tears of steps for that in the other version we're mainly using right angles. which to see prefer the birds doesn't need any kind of the final civilian are. the rounded one and the rounded one ok. mark says happy to be coming back home. early eighteen forty three pression senses force the time should tighten in cologne to shut its doors. karl
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marx decided to leave for paris that same year he married his childhood sweetheart jenny from best file. in the mid nineteenth century paris was a haven for free thinkers of all stripes they debated socialist and communist ideas such as the abolition of private property in paris marx met fetus and this a young philosopher and revolutionary. marx was deeply impressed by innocence reports on the mystery of the english working class. much decided to abandon journalism and focus on political and economic philosophy this is the period. it began rising about class struggle and the self-image paysan of the proletariat. society all members of society are formally equal and have equal rights in reality
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the proletariat can only choose where to sell their labor and choose where they will be chained. all the workers are paid for their labor what they produce is not in service of their own needs but the needs of their employer. the worker produces grains for the mills of another. the worker is trapped in a vicious circle. his labor directly increases the wealth of the capitalists which only serves to intensify his own exploitation. society as a whole as more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps into two great classes directly facing each other. in the am.


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